For peace of mind, ProICT offers its customers fast and reliable support. ProICT doesn’t work with support contracts. At ProICT we know that every customer is important!  At ProICT we listen to our customers and their needs.

You don’t have to buy a preset number of support hours. You will just pay for the time it takes for ProICT to fix your problem.

Remote support

Some support will still need to be done onsite but we also have the capabilities to carry out remote work.

Using remote solutions wherever possible means we can deliver quality IT support in a much faster time.
It also minimises the money you would spend on costly call out charges.
Remote support means no call out charges.
Where we cannot fix your systems remotely ProICT will come and visit your office to provide hands on support for your IT issues.

Would you like to know how ProICT can help to improve your organisation with IT please call 04 206 11 437 or e-mail